Season 1
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Started May 7, 2015
Ended TBA
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The first season of The Dylan Jacob Saga aired on May 7th, 2015. It is divided into multiple parts


"In a world plagued by grounded videos, cartoon/troll police brutality, a couple of brave souls go against the status quo and fight the most evil of crime and groundings.
Join Retro Guy, NotSmirks, Awesomecatman, BeAwesomeOne, and a couple others as they make the world of Go!Animate nonsensical in considerably more enjoyable and humorous ways."


Season 1A ("Don't Say It")Edit

1. "Dylpickle Jackoff Gets The Grounding"
2. "The Kewlest GoAnimator in Worldings"
3. "Convention of The Dick Taters"
4. "How would you like to be the President?"

Season 1B ("The Second Cumming")Edit

5. "Second Coming of the Anus Lords"