Season 0
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Started May 2, 2015
Ended Jun 7, 2015
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The pilot season of The Dylan Jacob Saga aired on May 2nd, 2015. Even though it is not officially considered part of the Dylan Jacob Saga, it is refeered to as "Before Dylan Jacob" or "The Dylan Jacob gets Grounded Trilogy".


"Before the Dylan Jacob saga, there were three dumb vids I made with whatever I could use on my shitty free GoAnimate account."


Season 0AEdit

1. "Dylan Jacob/BoomboxerFan2002 VGCP gets in Dead Meat"
2. "Retro Rants 69: Dylan Jacob/BoomboxerFan2002 VGCP"
3. "Dylan Jacob/BoomboxerFan2002 VGCP goes to Chuck E. Cheese's while grounded"

Season 0BEdit

4. "All the Good Users!"
5. "Type it and your Character will Say It"
7. "Gay Bodyguards?!?"
8. "Pocket"