Dylan Jacob
Dylan in Season 1A
Name Dylan Jacob
Age 12
Gender Male
Friends L Ryan,

Frerfy (formerly)

Enemies Retro Guy,

Frerfy, The Troll, Derek Jason, J Ryan

First Appearance Dylan Jacob/BoomboxerFan2002 VGCP gets in Dead Meat
Voice Brian

"It is beautifalse day, time to fuck shit up."

Dylan Jacob (Also known as Dylpickle Jackoff and Dyldo Jackoff) is the main Antagonist of The Dylan Jacob Saga. He resembles the YouTube user "BoomBoxerFan2000 VGCP".


Season 0Edit

Dylan wears a red hoodie and brown pants. He also has brown hair. The reason for this design is because the Season was made on an old GoAnimate Free account, which dosen't allow the user to create new characters.

Season 1Edit

Dylan is an overweight, short man with a blue T-Shirt, red pants, red hair (brown in 1B), purple shoes and huge red lips. The design is intended to look like a distorted and uglier version of Dylan's normal avatar.

Season 2Edit

Dylan looks similar to his Season 1 design, however he has more chins and now has the word "GROUNDED" on his shirt.


Dylan Jacob is a childish, immature and selfish 12-year old who has a knack for unfairly punishing those who he does not like by grounding them. His morality is very darkish grey, and his ego is bigger than his brain. He also tends to get obsessed with his hatred of baby shows even though they're not for kids his age.